Paint Supplies

"You make each day a special day.  You know how, by just your being you."

- Fred Rogers.

The Specialty Box

Everyone deserves to feel special. 

These curated boxes are designed to give you the supplies needed for your next project. From Milk paint to specialty finishes. They are single purchase kits that do not require a subscription.  More coming soon. 


Caring Design Box

A curated box of Design love for furniture and crafts.  Creativity + Self Care = Design with care. Enjoy this 12x8x8 box of curated goodness which includes the product of the month and fun self care items. 


Design Box

Just the Product ma'am, nothing but the product. Sometimes less is more right?!?  Enjoy this curated 7.5x4x4 box featuring the product of the month. Try out different products without the commitment of becoming a wholesaler.

Starts at $35.96/Month +  10.50 Shipping

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